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Around here we discuss money, politics, travel, business and life in general.  The most popular topic of discussion is our countdown to the next stock market crash.  I define stock market crash as a 30-60% (or higher) decline in the Dow Jones Industrial Averages (Dow or DJIA) and S&P 500.  I do not consider a decline of under 30% a crash but a correction.  A decline of 30-60% in these market indices usually signifies that we are in a bear market in the middle of a U.S. recession.  Historically, during a period of expansion, there is a 10% correction every 12 to 18 months and a 20% correction every 18 to 24 months.  Historically, a bull market is always ahead of the recovery.  A bear market always lags an oncoming recession. To simplify this, a bear market starts when a recession is already in full bloom and that bear market will end before the end of that particular recession.

The stock market will crash, but when?  It is my goal to exchange ideas, thoughts and information with my readers on how to get out of equities months before the start of the bear market that follows a recession and to get back into equities shortly before the bull market that starts towards the end of that recession.  My readers and I did it once before in 2007 and we will do it again.  We will carefully watch economic indicators and the yield curve for hints of an oncoming recession.  So friends and colleagues, let’s enjoy the ride together.

About DidoSphere

DidoSphere is a successful financial executive at a privately held manufacturing firm in the great state of New Jersey. Previously, he was the Vice President of Finance of Kuoni Group and the Accounting Director of Cantel Medical. He was responsible for the financial objectives, retirement and benefit plans, investment goals and capital structures of the companies he worked for.

DidoSphere is a freelance writer, author and columnist with 30 years of market experience. He writes articles about the markets and finance under the header “DidoSphere, DidoSpin and Vox Populi”.   He is the author of several published articles in business, politics, sports and entertainment including:    How We Got Here, Market Crash of 2008, Housing Bubble, The Obama Recession, Bank Stress Tests & Other Terms, Scrap Mark to Market Valuation, Recession Over, The Labyrinth of Obamacare, Bush-Obama Recession, No Different From the Rest, A Tale of Two States, NJ & VA, SEC’s Case vs. GS&CO., Weak, Most Experts Agree, PIIGS: Too Big to Fail, What Causes Stock Market Fluctuations, Sluggish Recovery, Good for Investors, QE2=Printing Money, Stock Market Investors, Fasten Your Seatbelt, No Double Dip Recession,  10% Unemployment Rate, Not Enough to Derail Recovery