America, a paper tiger?

July 6, 2017 –  Is America a paper tiger?  After this weekend’s launch of what the world thinks was an ICBM by North Korea, many political pundits continue to debate what the USA can do in the face of these bold threats from Kim Jong Un.  Many of these political commentators have advocated assassination of the leader of this rogue nation.  This is a ridiculous “non-solution”.  What will replace the young leader if he were to disappear on the face of the earth could be even worse.  The fact is that a nuclear weapon is a game changer.  A nation with nuclear weapons becomes almost untouchable.  One country that threatens a world power will be in imminent danger of being wiped out, but not if they possess a nuclear weapon.

Other solutions that politicians have put forward are, giving nuclear weapons to Japan and South Korea and twisting China’s arm to reign in the rogue nation.  The idea of giving nuclear bombs to Japan and South Korea was first advocated by ultra conservative talk show host Mark Levin.  This will not deter North Korea from threatening the USA and its democratic neighbors.  Don’t expect much help from China either.  They do not want a democratic nation on their southern border.  They prefer a buffer zone between them and a prosperous democratic nation such as South Korea.  Nikki Haley, our UN envoy just said today that the U.S. is prepared to use force against N. Korea if necessary.  But what?  What can America do?  I hope Gen. Mattis knows a way of disabling hundreds of missiles pointed at Seoul which is only 35 miles from the DMZ.  Even if we succeed in doing this, and even if we take out their nuclear program in the process, our success would be short lived since it would be the start of something really bad with China and Russia.  If this comes true, in the aftermath, maybe we can bribe China by letting them have all the contested islands in the South China Sea.  How about Russia?  Well, let’s give Putin and his family a lifetime supply of Grey Goose and just for himself, give him free access to the Mustang Ranch.

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