Desiderata Poem Meaning And Analysis by DidoSphere

Desiderata Poem Meaning And Analysis by DidoSphere


It is OK to do your own thing. Listen to other people’s opinions and ideas but judge and reason for yourself.


Stay away from all people that emit negative energy. Stand on your own personal achievements. There is no need to strive towards a goal in trying to match other people’s success.


Concentrate on your own career. It is a possession that no one can steal away from you. But be cautious that you do not fall victim to frauds and scams throughout your life.  But remember that in general most people around you are good, honest and kind and willing to lend a hand.


Be truthful to your emotions. Do not fake your emotions when it comes to giving love and receiving love.  For no matter how many times you lose in love, love is everlasting it will forever grow in your lifetime.


Forgive yourself for past mistakes. Learn from the past and let go of the past.  Let go of “what might have been”, “what could have been”.  Hopefully, you have grown older and wiser.


The author of this poem and I agree that we exist but we do not know why. We only know that we have a right to exist and though we can control our own existence, our behavior and attitude, we have very little control of what goes on around us and in the universe.


Let God take control of your destiny. You can always try to do the right thing but you may not always be rewarded with the right outcome.  Be at peace with your mind, body and spirit and calmly and joyfully accept your destiny.


We live in this majestic wonderland. Out of all the known planets in this particular universe, how did it happen that we just happened to exist in this marvelous world surrounded by wastelands that are the neighboring planets around our solar system?  Is there another fantastic livable location, another world as grand as ours in a galaxy somewhere within our universe or in another universe somewhere out of the billions of universes out there?  Maybe.  But right now, this is the only world we know, so take care of it and…be happy, healthy, simple, well-balanced and rich!




CANELO vs. GGG – Who’ll Be Left Standing?

CANELO vs. GGG – Who’ll Be Left Standing?
September 6, 2017,
By DidoSphere
I have read the many opinions of knowledgeable boxing aficionados on this very important match. The consensus of most experts is that the key to victory is whomever can take the other’s punch better will win the fight. My personal opinion is that the key to victory is defense not power. Power is always a factor but let’s face it, any person who is just standing still can be knocked out with one properly placed punch by even a mediocre puncher. I think Taylor Swift can knock me out with one properly positioned punch if I just stand still and close my eyes.

CANELO vs. GGG – Who’ll Be Left Standing?

September 6, 2017,

By DidoSphere

I have read the many opinions of knowledgeable boxing aficionados on this very important match. The consensus of most experts is that the key to victory is whomever can take the other’s punch better will win the fight.  My personal opinion is that the key to victory is defense not power.  Power is always a factor but let’s face it, any person who is just standing still can be knocked out with one properly placed punch by even a mediocre puncher.  I think Taylor Swift can knock me out with one properly positioned punch if I just stand still and close my eyes.  Good boxers are very good at blocking, deflecting and avoiding punches.  Both boxers are good at this but I give the edge to Canelo in this epic match up.  I think Canelo is on the way up whilst GGG is on the way down.  I predict Canelo will score bigger, cleaner punches that should weaken and tire GGG until he is ready for picking towards the later rounds. I am confident in my prediction because Canelo is younger and I think stronger and faster. Canelo’s defense is deceptive. He really does not get hit much.  Oh sure, the master MoneyMay hit him a lot but that is the hit and run and clinch strategy which I don’t think GGG will do.  Canelo blocks and deflects punches and is always in a position to counter punch.  He sets traps then drops the bombs as you may recall the devastating KOs of Amir Khan, Kirkland and Liam Smith.  If I compare the combatants’ last few matches, Jacobs, Kell Brook and Willie Monroe hit GGG a lot.  On the other hand, Canelo practically toyed with Kirkland, Cotto, Khan, Liam Smith and Chavez, Jr.  I do not see GGG winning this one unless he turns into a hit and run safety first boxer like MoneyMay and Erislandy Lara (who ran for 12 rounds) which I don’t think he will do.  So it should be a Hagler/Hearns all over again with Canelo playing Hagler.  Prediction:  Canelo by TKO end of round 11.



Fellow writers, don’t use big words!

May 16, 2017 – Fellow writers, don’t use big words!  As a man of the world, I have worn many hats over the years.  I have been a political pundit, fisherman, tourist guide, financial advisor, poet and an occasional writer.  But today for writing this article I am wearing my reader’s hat.

I hate it when writers use big words.  If you are what you eat, I must be plain vanilla.  And if you are what you read, I must be nursery rhymes.  For me, the simpler the better.  I do not like beating my brains out trying to find out what the writer means.  Every human being has an inborn desire to be heard through what they say and write.  Letting others know what’s on our mind is a basic human desire and it is a wonderful feeling when we are understood.  So what is the point of writing something that only you can understand?


“Missiles of ligneous or oterous consistency have the potential of fracturing my osceous structure, but appellations will eternally remain innocuous. “


What?!  It sounds good, but what the heck does it mean?  Who is the author trying to impress?  A reader is like a woman ready to be pursued, wined and dined.  I would like to be seduced by a writer through the use of seductive words and phrases in a language I can understand not in some foreign language.


“Judgment of any system, or a priori relationship or phenomenon exists in an irrational, or metaphysical, or at least epistemological contradiction to an abstract empirical concept such as being, or to be, or to occur in the thing itself, or of the thing itself.”


The words of the above quotation are English but they might as well be Greek.  I have no idea what the sentence means.  Colleagues, write in such a way as if you are painting a clear and simple picture.  Do not create an abstract painting.  Write simply, clearly and concisely so that your writings are not open for interpretation.  Write in grade level 10 or lower if you can.  The lower the level, the better writer you are.  The Wall Street Journal is written in Grade 12 level while the New York Times in Grade 10 and the New York Daily News in Grade 8.  Do not include words that are superfluous and unnecessary or you might just fog up what you are trying to say.  In fact there is a term called “Fog Index” which includes a formula to measure readability and comprehension of a certain text and to determine what formal education is needed to understand such text.


“From a negative light, “Politics” has the horrifying stigma associated with the vile and stealthy manipulation of others for the benefit of a selfish gain masked in fake promises.

It is because of nescience, the lack of knowledge, or the perversion thereof that we position “politics” in the realm of the taboo and elevates “values” into the pedestal of sanctity. And will values be that asymptotic horizon that lies beyond the grasp of the average?”


I am sure the author of the above group of sentences has something worthy to say.  But his message is lost in the fog, and at least for me I got a headache just reading the text.  To try to interpret the passages might give me agita so I gave up. The writer no doubt is well educated and I am sure he knows what he means.  But he fails to realize that readers who did not attain the same level of education he did will need a dictionary to get through the agonizing process of reading his work to the end.  Perhaps the writer wants to elevate the reader’s comprehension to his level and help his readers build a better vocabulary, but a column in a magazine is not the proper forum to do it.  Reading a piece should be an informative and entertaining experience and should not be as if the reader is going through a creative writing exam.  There are professor-type writers who are sincere in their desire to impart their knowledge.  But there are also vanity writers, charlatans and timewasters who think big words will help boost their reputation as a writer to the detriment of comprehension.  Hey, I can do that too.  I can write “a farrago of footlers” instead of “a bunch of lazy people”.  But why?  My job as a writer is to keep my reader interested and engaged.  If I cannot do that I do not deserve to write.


So my message to the writer who uses big words, and with all due respect:  It is not too late to change but you’re not getting any younger.  And my advice to you, again with all due respect, in the eloquent words of an anonymous college professor is:


“In promulgating your esoteric cogitations, or articulating your superficial sentimentalities and amicable, philosophical or psychological observations, beware of platitudinous ponderosity. Let your oral and written communications possess a clarified conciseness, a compact comprehensibleness, coalescent consistency, and a concatenated cogency. Eschew all conglomerations of flatulent garrulity, jejune babblement and asinine affectations. Let your extemporaneous descantings and unpremeditated expatiations have intelligibility and veracious vivacity, without rodomontade or thrasonical bombast. Sedulously avoid all polysyllabic profundity, pompous prolixity, setaceous vacuity, ventriloquial verbosity and vaniloquent vapidity. Shun double-entendres, prurient pscosity, and pestiferous profanity, obscurant or apparent.”


In other words, say or write what you mean and DON’T USE BIG WORDS!

In Pursuit of the Grayling

When I catch her, I won’t eat her.  I will hug her and kiss her and sleep with her for 3 days before I finally mount her.

When I look back on all my accomplishments in life, fishing has to be there near the top of the list.  I have had this natural love for fishing ever since I was a little boy.  I remember getting up at 4AM when I went on fishing trips with my father and his friends.  There were times when we paddled on a canoe for over an hour to get to the fish and there were times when we just headed to the local river.  No matter, it was always fun just the same.  It seems that my father and I have this affinity with fish akin to the affinity Native Americans must have had with the buffalo.  Yes, in essence we hunt them, catch them and eat them.  Yet my father and I always felt it is not an adversarial relationship but instead a process of communing with a worthy opponent, a kindred spirit.  So fish of any kind be it a small sunfish or a 100 pound tuna, always commanded our utmost respect.

I believe it is this respect that has rewarded us, my father and me, with unforgettable fishing experiences.  Whether it is pier fishing at the SFO muni, Naples, FL, Corpus Christi, TX, on a party boat or on a private yacht off the Florida Keys, our catches always exceeded our expectation.  Oh sure there was one time when we came home with nothing but my father subscribed to the fishing adage, "a bad day at fishing is still better than a good day at work".  My father was a “compleat angler”, always ready with his light fishing rod and tackle box.  Wherever we went my father asked if a fishing hole just might be near our destination.  We caught fresh water fish such as sunnies, perch, crappies, trout, pikes, muskies, small mouth and large mouth bass, carps, catfish, etc etc.  And salt water fish such as lingcod, rockfish, flounder, tautog, porgy, sheepshead, albacore, bonefish, bluefish, striper, jewfish, mackerel, grouper, sea bass, shark, and many many more.  We caught anadromous fish such as shad, salmon, and sturgeon.  We caught them with heavy, medium and light tackle.  We caught them fly fishing, spinning, bait casting and jigging.  I even tried spear fishing in Yelapa near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

In the near future, I am hoping for the opportunity to experience other types of fishing such as ukai or cormorant fishing on the Nagara River in Japan.  Ukai is a traditional method of catching fish by using cormorant birds on leashes to catch fish.  Another fishing method I find interesting, though I’m not sure I want to try it is called “noodling”.  In noodling, the fisherman uses his bare hands to catch giant catfish.  This type of fishing is practiced mostly in southern United States.  The noodler locates a catfish nesting hole and then pokes his strong hand inside offering it as bait.  When the catfish bites, the noodler grabs its mouth and pulls the catfish out of its nest.  Catfish have no teeth so the danger in noodling is not from the catfish itself but from accidental drowning and from encountering more dangerous animals such as snakes, turtles, beavers and even alligators that can bite off the noodler’s fingers.

When it comes to eating my catch, I prefer saltwater fish to the fresh water variety, although for me the anadromous ones taste the best.  Needless to say, I do not waste my catch.  I eat it, give it away or sell it as in the case with my tuna catch several years ago.  I never understood the "catch and release" fishing practice of many American sports fishermen.  To me, if it is legal, a keeper, I'll keep it. To me, releasing my catch is like having sex sans an orgasm.

But before my final retirement to that big fishing hole in the sky, my dream is to catch a "grayling".  I have read somewhere that this rare fish with a beautiful sail like dorsal fin does not smell fishy at all.  Some accounts I have read describe it as possessing a flowery or herbal smell.  I have gone to Montana and Wyoming where, according to statistics they used to be plentiful, but they don't seem to be there anymore.  One of these days I'm going up there to northern Canada, by helicopter if necessary, to one of those pristine, clear and cold lakes where grayling are known to reside and catch me one of those graylings and make my dream a reality.

When I catch her, I won’t eat her.  I will hug her and kiss her and sleep with her for 3 days before I finally mount her. I figure the taxidermist would probably charge me $350.