Desiderata Poem Meaning And Analysis by DidoSphere

Desiderata Poem Meaning And Analysis by DidoSphere


It is OK to do your own thing. Listen to other people’s opinions and ideas but judge and reason for yourself.


Stay away from all people that emit negative energy. Stand on your own personal achievements. There is no need to strive towards a goal in trying to match other people’s success.


Concentrate on your own career. It is a possession that no one can steal away from you. But be cautious that you do not fall victim to frauds and scams throughout your life.  But remember that in general most people around you are good, honest and kind and willing to lend a hand.


Be truthful to your emotions. Do not fake your emotions when it comes to giving love and receiving love.  For no matter how many times you lose in love, love is everlasting it will forever grow in your lifetime.


Forgive yourself for past mistakes. Learn from the past and let go of the past.  Let go of “what might have been”, “what could have been”.  Hopefully, you have grown older and wiser.


The author of this poem and I agree that we exist but we do not know why. We only know that we have a right to exist and though we can control our own existence, our behavior and attitude, we have very little control of what goes on around us and in the universe.


Let God take control of your destiny. You can always try to do the right thing but you may not always be rewarded with the right outcome.  Be at peace with your mind, body and spirit and calmly and joyfully accept your destiny.


We live in this majestic wonderland. Out of all the known planets in this particular universe, how did it happen that we just happened to exist in this marvelous world surrounded by wastelands that are the neighboring planets around our solar system?  Is there another fantastic livable location, another world as grand as ours in a galaxy somewhere within our universe or in another universe somewhere out of the billions of universes out there?  Maybe.  But right now, this is the only world we know, so take care of it and…be happy, healthy, simple, well-balanced and rich!




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