Election Night 2016

Wow the Dow recovered 400 points in 2 days.  The gloom sayers are wrong again.  Who got out of the market 2 days ago when the Dow went below 18,000?  Remember, the market goes up and the market goes down but in the long run the market will keep going up in a free market economy like ours.  Many know-it-all commentators tonight are predicting an up market if Hillary wins and a down market if Trump wins. What do they know?  Here is what I’ve heard finance gurus on TV say:  Trump may fire Yellen and may start a trade war that is why the market may drop quickly at the hint of a Trump victory.  Price of gold may also rise quickly according to them.  On the other hand, according to them, a Hillary victory will stabilize the market and cause less volatility because Hillary’s administration is a continuation of the Obama administration’s policies which has brought sluggish growth, stable dollar and stocks will keep going higher.  These finance gurus know as much as you and me.

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