“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” 

                                                                                      -Carl Jung

Being rich is not only about achieving financial independence.  It’s about living a happy, healthy, simple, balanced and fulfilling life with minimal stress. Aiming high and setting your goal much higher than your peers to build a successful life sounds great but it should not be at the expense of your health and relationships. Doing more than you think is necessary, than just doing enough to get by is admirable but it may take its toll on you.  Your mental drive must be balanced with maintaining physical fitness and spending ample leisure time with loved ones. Workaholics and over achievers realize much too late in life that the path they had taken was the wrong one.  The road to victory does not have to be the roughest road.

Life is not complicated. Raise your children well, minimize stress in your life at all cost, save money and never lose any of it in the stock market and other investments, do not spend much time managing money so that you will have more time for leisure and for activities that will keep your mind, body and spirit healthy.  There will be unexpected twists and turns in your life but you must learn how to adjust to life changes so that you may get back on the right track to achieve all you want in life.