Who’s Running the Country?

May 10, 2017 –  Who’s running the country?  After 100 days of the new Trump Administration, I am still not sure how much Trump is in control of the Executive Office.  I am more confident of the people he surrounded himself with but this latest dismissal of FBI Director James Comey who was leading a criminal investigation into whether Trump’s advisers worked with the Russians to change the outcome of the election does not sit well with me nor with many sensible political pundits.  For many of us who supported Trump, the jury is still out whether he is a genius or a madman.  After all he said, “I know how to do this” so we believed him and put our trust in him that he is not the same run of the mill politician.  Amidst a multitude of domestic and international problems, the panic selling in the stock market, a 10% to 30% correction which I expected to start happening a month ago has not yet happened.  But believe me folks, it will happen perhaps unexpectedly and sooner than you think.  The market may lose 20% in just the first ten days of a downward trend that may not necessarily be a bear market but a correction.  We all know stocks are overvalued and many smart investors are just waiting for the next bad news to push the sell button.  And there are lots of bad news here and abroad.  The Taliban is taking over large portions of Afghanistan again and our country is sending thousands of additional troops to at least get the other side to the table for negotiation.  Kim Jong Un, the North Korean dictator does not seem afraid to pull the trigger and there is a real possibility that the unthinkable may happen.  The North Korean problem is more complicated than most people think.  Maybe if we get rid of Kim and somehow convinced (or bribed) NK to become more democratic, be more like SK, join the family of nations everything would be fine and dandy in the world, right?  Wrong!  China does not want that to happen.  The DMZ (Korean Demilitarized Zone) will continue to exist as long as China is in existence just like the Berlin Wall continued standing until the USSR was no more.  There is no light at the end of the tunnel with this North Korean problem.  To make matters worse, although Iran seems to be under the radar at present, the Iranian nuclear problem will start brewing again soon.  Pres. Obama made a bad deal that will come to bite us real soon after Iran has freed all its assets from our control.

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